F. H. Ehmcke "The Lords Prayer" Cobalt Blue

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105,00 EUR
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- "The Lords Prayer" reissue
- Original design from F. H. Ehmcke (1910)
- Model number 1624
- Cobalt blue glazed
- Salt process fired
- 37,5 cm high with lid
- Solid Westerwald pewter lid

- Limited Edition

- Manufacturer: Merkelbach by Girmscheid

The renowned company Reinhold Merkelbach was famous for its Art Nouveau beer steins and pitchers, the production started in 1845 and ended in 2007. Merkelbach was the most modern stoneware company in terms of design especially during the period of 1905-1910. Through this period Merkebach employed the most famous modern artists and art professors that worked with the Art Nouveau-Jugendstil style - Richard Riemerschmid, Paul Wynand, K.Goerig are just a few examples of the famous names that worked on the designs of Merkelbach. The ceramic designs from this era are the best examples of new esthetics that emerged to replace the so-called Historismus style that had reigned in Höhr-Grenzhausen for almost half a century. The famous "Merkelbach look" of grey salt glazed stoneware with the typical "Braun geflammt" (flamed brown) and "Kölnisch braun" (Cologne brown) colored glazes became the signature look of the Merkelbach Art Nouveau stoneware and was used exclusively by all Merkelbach designers. The unique massive pewter lids were designed specifically for these stoneware designs and belonged to the best pewter attachments available in the German Kannenbäckerland district.

Today the Merkelbach stoneware from the above period are very expensive amongst collectors, they are featured in numerous books on Jugendstil ceramics and are also proudly exibited by many German and international ceramic art museums and collections.