Girmscheid 39 Liter Beer Stein

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39 Liter
Salt Glazed Cobalt Blue
Salt Glazed Beige
Harp Player
Old German Wedding
130 cm
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Girmscheid giant historical beer stein with finely modelled removable harp player lid

This hand crafted stein is carefully formed and hand modelled from clay found only in the Westerwald area of Germany. In the next step the stein body and lid must go through
an even and slow drying process of up to 10 weeks to prevent any clay cracking. When completly dry the different glazes are applied through painters and sprayers to show off all the unique relief designs. The final step is the careful firing in the kiln for at least 48 hours at around 2500 degree Fahrenheit. The salt glazed effect is achieved towards the end of the firing process and when the kiln temperature is at its peak, salt is then added to the kiln which creates the orange peel-like surface texture.

This stein ilustrates a pre-christian Germanic Wedding, most likely that of the dragon slayer Siegfried and Krimhielde from the famous epic poem of the Nibelungs.

- Westerwald's largest available underglazed beer stein to date.
- There are 2 different salt glazed options (see lid detail).
- Compacity: 39 Liter (10.30 gallons)
- Height: 130 cm (4.26 feet).

- Underglazed relief painted by hand.
- Removable
"Harp Player" ceramic lid.

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- This stein needs a long production period ( up to 10 weeks).

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