Art Nouveau is an ornamental style of art that flourished from 1890 to 1910 throughout Europe and the United States. The term "Art Nouveau" (in Germany also called "Jugendstil") was coined by a gallery in Paris that exhibited much of this work. Popular collectible Art Nouveau items include works by Tiffany, Galle, and Lalique to name a few..

At that time this new art style, Art Nouveau, was gaining popularity by the Westerwald beer stein lovers, every stein maker (especially Marzi & Remy and Merkelbach) found it profitible to engage a designer to create their own special "Art Nouveau" beer stein, typical designers like R. Riemerschmidt, L. Capeller, A. Müller and Paul Wynand became very popular and sucessful.

This period was short lived, around 1910, political and economic turmoil threw the stein industry into a tremendous slowdown. With the subsequent outbreak of World War I, the materials and labor needed by the pewter industry were converted to use for munitions production, and Westerwald ceramics and especially beer stein production virtually ceased to exist.

Above and below are typical examples of Westerwald "Art Nouveau" beer steins:
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Fig.1 The cobalt beauty of a Thewalt stein.
Fig.2 Another typical example from Wick-Werk.
Fig.3 Shows a salt glazed Stein from W. Merkelbach.
Fig.4 Cleanly designed Cobalt Grey stein from Thewalt.
Fig.5 Albin Müller design on a stein from Merkelbach Manufaktur.
Fig.6 Beautiful design from Dümler & Breiden.
Fig.7 & Fig.8 Examples from Marzi & Remy.
Fig.9 R. Riemerschmidt design from Merkelbach Manufaktur.

Art Nouveau Beer Steins
Artistic style influence in Westerwald Beer Stein designs

Fig. 6
Fig. 9
Fig. 1
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Fig. 8
Fig. 5
Fig. 3
Fig. 4
Fig.10 Albin Müller design around 1910 (Marzi & Remy).
Fig.11 & Fig.12 Marzi & Remy designs around 1900.
Fig.13 & Fig.14 Marzi & Remy steins from around 1910.
Fig.15 Albin Müller design on a stein from around 1910 (Marzi & Remy).
Fig.16 Merkelbach stein designed by Paul Wynand.
Fig.17 Marzi & Remy 1910 design from Albin Müller.
Fig.18 Merkelbach Grenzhausen.
Fig.19 Albin Müller design from around 1900 (Marzi & Remy).

Fig. 7
Fig. 10
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